The Dead Reserves follows the global adventures of the members of the Post Live Adjustments agency. A team of talented people, all of whom can channel the dead to aid them in the various cases they’re working by using totemic artifacts connected to the deceased.

Andy Forson used to be a paramilitary. He grew up in a housing estate where the fastest way to succeed was to join the local gang, work your way up from the bottom and eventually you’d be an affluent pillar of the community.

That was the plan anyway.

Andy went to jail for attempted murder and spent five years at her majesty’s pleasure before getting an early release under the Good Friday Agreement. It was never about politics for Andy. That’s just what you said to make all those illegal dealings sound pious, backed by a cause.

When he got out Andy planned to go back to his wicked ways only to find he’d inherited the gift of the sight.

He could see the dead.

And consequently he could see all the people his friends with the balaclavas on had murdered. All the folk whose deaths had been a consequence of his shady dealings.

Sick with guilt, Andy moved to Scotland for ten years. To escape his past. That’s where he met then director of the PLA William Hattridge. Hattridge recruited Andy and now Andy’s back in Belfast under an alias in order to care for his ailing mother Agnes who’s suffering from cancer.

While he’s not the nicest or the brightest or the least xenophobic person on earth, Andy is trying to change. He’s got a good heart and he feels a need to make amends for his past. He’s not quite there yet though. Which leads us to …


When an old friend asks Andy to look into drug trafficking in his area that’s so far seen a local activist and his daughter go missing in a crime the (bought off) police aren’t treating as suspicious, Andy reluctantly becomes involved and inevitably gets more than he bargained for.

Instead of the local paramilitary groups Andy finds the drugs are coming off the boat from China. The triads, co-distributing with the Russians are shifting uncut heroin and sending girls back home in crates to fuel Asia’s underbelly sex trade.

When you have triads shooting at you on a case you never wanted, you better hope your Celtic warlord totem, one Vercingetorix (though Andy calls him Vinny,) is going to help you out.

Sadly for Andy the Triads aren’t the only ones he’s annoyed lately with his backward thinking ways …


Story: W.D. McQuaid

Art: Dunc Vaughan

Letters: Dunc Vaughan